Vision & concepts

Who we are?

Karmic Research Centre is a forum of people who are interested in working on themselves, to make themselves better human beings. Progressive in outlook, not afraid to do work on your self, open to new and innovative ideas for self growth – these are the hallmarks of people at the Centre.

As a result, there has been great work done, in terms of redefining of concepts and ideas, a lot of conditioning has been broken down, the process of unlearning and relearning for growth has been fine tuned to an art.

There are lots of things to unlearn, still more to relearn, and we have now decided to share all of this with the whole world. This site is for you, to have a glimpse in our lives and work, and to walk with us, if you dare. But we would definitely like to share with you, all that we have gained so far.

Centre for Creative Expressions

Recently, which means about nine years back, we realized that our energy work has resulted in a change of energies flowing through us. Having tackled a lot of clearances, cleaning up, we were now ready to create. Anew, afresh – with new energies of the Universe. The Centre for Creative Expressions is for this very purpose.

We believe strongly that all human beings are creative beings. However, some of us have chosen to be creative channels for the Universe. These are the people who are dedicated to and passionate about their creative pursuits. There are a lot of people who maintain that their art or creativity is inspired, and therefore, it is like a meditation to them. We, however, also believe that art is not only about expressing oneself, but is an excellent medium to inter-phase humanity with Divinity. Active creative channels represent to us a two-way communication channel between the Universe and human kind.

This is the foundation of our work, in which we, as creative channels, especially in the fields of theatre, film and television, have experimented with and seen some amazing results.

The ‘Centre for Creative Expressions’ is not the culmination of our work at all, but a powerful expression of our work, now being made available to all others who wish to be a part of an amazing journey with us. All the concepts we live by, have been tried and tested on us, by ourselves. And therefore, we validate them with complete confidence.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation

The work we did on ourselves inspired us to reach out deeper into all realms of society. The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust working at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that integrates young people from different socio-economic and geographic backgrounds. Using the Social Arts we create platforms and opportunities that enable our youth to  become sensitized, pro-active and empowered citizens.

Gurudev Says

Gurudev is an ascended master of the Universe. For us, the term ‘Gurudev’ is more to address the Divine Energies of the Universe rather than a specific person.

Guidance from Gurudev comes through the tools he has shared as also through channeled meditations, words and messages received through the years. Some of the messages are shared here.

Message from Gurudev (25.03.03)

“In this hour of change and transformation, let us all be clear and transparent – to ourselves, to our community and to humanity.

The message of the hour is to reconnect with our own true self, and believe me when I say this to you, that you, and everyone else on the earth system, flows with the same energy and power of Love – a Love that is demanding of the best in you, uncompromising with your masks, totally unconditional in its gentleness, totally ruthless in its power to make you the human being you are meant to be”

Message from Divine Energies to All Human Beings (20.03.03)

“Human Beings have been asking for Divine Intervention in the Earth System for many years now. There have been desperate appeals to the Divine to stop the madness existing on the Earth System for destruction.

The Earth System had been moving in the direction of complete annihilation for centuries. But in response to the collective appeal of Humanity, Divine Energies some years back have begun the intervention asked for. The critical mass that was required for a direct intervention has made it possible for the Divine to directly intervene in the Earth System.

The last few years have been a demonstration of that process itself. The first stage was to introduce Divine energies to Human Beings once more. The second phase was to reestablish the connection that you, as individual Human Beings, had been losing fast. The third stage has been of clearing up you, your system. The whole Universe has been participating in this process for you, through you, with you.

This process has been to, gradually – slowly but surely – expose all that has brought you to this stage. The current situation that humanity is in is a consequence of the individual and collective will of humanity.

We, the Divine, have promised to you a New World Order. But to give you that, we need you to take a good, hard look at the World Order that you have now, so that you can take complete responsibility for the current situation, and see for yourself what it stands for – brutally, transparently, clearly. This exercise of exposing the disrespect that you, as Human Beings have been practicing for yourself and others is being exposed, again and again – for you to be able to know for sure that what is now has been because of your individual and collective free will. Now that we are beginning to give to you the New World Order, you need to be able to create the collective will, for it to be received by you. Be alert and aware, because the energies of the New World Order will not tolerate disrespect of any kind.

Therefore, transparency, love and respect are givens in the New World Order. You, as a collective and critical mass of Human Beings, need to allow the old energies to be removed from the Earth System, to come back with new energies of the New World Order.

This stage of transcension into new energies might seem traumatic to a lot of you. But we assure you all that these are times of great healing work on the Earth System and on Humanity as a whole.

You are all part of the process of this healing. Be completely transparent to yourself and clear out all energies of disrespect, and I assure you, you will know what we mean. Love and Respect are the key energies with which the transcension into the New World Order is taking place.

We ask you to simply but clearly take responsibility for your past, and with respect, heal it by opening it up to the new energies, which will not only make them clear and transparent, but will also heal your choices, and therefore make way for the World Order, which you have so emphatically, so desperately asked for.

I, Gurudev, with all the Divine Energies of the Universe make our Intent clear to you. We now go ahead, because you have asked us to.

Thank you for allowing the Universe this opportunity to partner with you. And now allow the new energies to heal, and infuse you with the New World Order that you need, want and desire. That you have asked for”


Love is not merely an emotion. It can be an energy too, and a very powerful one at that. We at the Karmic Research Centre and Centre for Creative Expressions believe that Love is the only Energy that human beings should be operating from. All other emotions flowing through and with Love energy can only be towards more Love Energy in the Universe. But also, Love energy can truly transform people, places, situations, events, and therefore, the whole Universe. The flow of Love Energy is greatly enhanced through creative expression.

Sharing here a few thoughts, writings from Gurudev and the many light workers we have the opportunity to work with at the Centre.

Love - Gurudev

The emotion of love should merely be an expression of oneself.

And therefore, the only most important participant in this exercise, is oneself. Which means that the emotion of Love is not dependent on others.

The Emotion of Love is merely an expression, the energy of Love is what you work with for the Universe.

The Emotion of Love, being an expression of oneself, of the joy of being what you are, is therefore spontaneous, natural and an overflow.

The energy of Love, however, is what you generate, from the Universe, for the Universe. Alternatively, you can tap into Universal Love Energy and allow it to work on you, or through you.

So, in a sense, when you allow the energy of Universal Love to work on you, you become complete, and therefore, you want to express yourself to the Universe, with Love and Gratitude. It is not only about you, it is about you and the Universe.

Universal Love Energy is the energy of Love that we receive from the Universe… it is the energy that makes us completely aware of who we really are, takes us back to our essence… and it is the energy we give back to the Universe, with love and gratitude.

The emotion of love is an expression of myself to myself and for myself, and i do not need anyone else for it. If I share my expression of myself with another person, it is wonderful in many ways, but I do not need another, it is about myself.

Love Energy is something that you CAN generate from within yourself as well. With Universal Love Energy, you can only allow it flow through you.

There are two things involved here – one is meeting yourself, accepting yourself and expressing yourself – that is the emotion of love. Then, when you interact with the Universe, through your expression of Love, because you are in joy for being in Love, then you actually do start loving yourself as well. And that is the generation of Love energy for the Universe.

Meeting oneself means, looking at oneself in all one’s glory – all minuses and pluses, together make you and it is glorious. See that, accept that, become transparent to yourself – don’t hide from yourself. Because there is nothing in you that is not divine, that you have not chosen yourself. And what you chose for yourself, you did for a reason, obviously, the pluses and minuses are tools for you.

Free Will

You are responsible for each and every choice you have made, in this lifetime and even before you were born! Your Free Will is supreme – Absolute and Irrefutable. Even the Divine will not interfere. In effect – you create your own reality.

The right of the human being is respected by the universe at all levels. Free will is exercised by the soul to decide birth, life, death. It is your free will that decides your past, present and your future. The discerning use of Free will can actually make you what you are supposed to be – divine in nature. The use of your free will is entirely in your control so the idea of empowerment of the soul is actually to make you more aware, more powerful, more responsible and also more useful at all levels.

Free Will - Dilip Shankar

We define Free Will as the right of every human being to make a choice.

When we realise that we are the ones who make all the choices in our lives, we also take responsibility for all that is in our lives. And when we use this Free Will discerningly, recognising it as the most powerful tool that we have, we make conscious and aware choices in all situations.

Yes… discerningly… in FULL awareness… aware of the fact that I am responsible for ALL the choices I make. And therefore, I will make aware choices… choices operating out of Love Energy. Or out of far.

You know, why I consider Free WIll as the MOST powerful tool we possess is because it is that tool that I use in every moment, every situation, and therefore I choose always to work towards my growth, to be in love and from love, to be aware…

Free will is the tool that makes it possible for us to do anything, be anyone we want to be, open doorways we dare to, fly…

However, one must respect the free will of others as well. One responds. One need not change one’s choice according to another’s choice. One makes a choice – be it compromise, or collaboration, or dissociation. I make a choice and will be responsible for it.

Even the Universe respects free will of all. If there is a distinction in your free will and others, maybe you need to look at your intent closely. My Intent in exercising my free will should always be my own growth and of course, operating from Love energy for all, including myself. In which case, respect for another’s free will becomes normal and natural. Because I also recognise the right for growth for everyone else. And in respecting the right to growth of the other, and my own, there is no distinction in the free will of either.

By doing so, although we are being selfish, we automatically become selfless also, and the two are not contradictory. Because we give others the same opportunities as ourselves and respect them fully.

You know, we live in a Universe of flux, of so many beings – each with his or her own free will. In this flux, it is so important to know there are always so many variables, so many possibilities. It is important to be alert and aware of your own and other peoples’ free will. And be open to making changes frequently and accordingly. Being aware and exercising your free will freely is the ultimate in being flexible – fluxible!

If one chooses – any choice – out of Love, out of awareness of the consequences of that choice, and is prepared to take the full responsibility of those consequences, then one can be happy with any choice.

Now the flux around may not respond accordingly, but then, if the intent is pure… any consequence is my responsibility and perfectly acceptable to me.

In this whole process of being aware and exercising free will to make conscious choices, the first thing that happens is that you realise that you cannot blame anyone for your choices. Gradually, you start making choices differently… because you know the onus is on you.

That is when you will know that you are also, now starting to make aware choices. Every time that you give in to someone else’s wish, be aware that you have allowed it to happen. You cannot be imposed upon.

So, to conclude, the whole point in exercising your free will is – one, keep your intent your own growth, make aware choices, take full responsibility for them, and bear the consequences, knowing fully well that you chose them in the first place.

In the process you need to be flexible enough to accommodate other people’s free will, and yet remaining in love energy, you will still be conscious of the fact, that even when you are compromising, or not doing anything, you are making a choice and will bear the consequences for that.


Empowerment is not a luxury for human beings. It is a must. Only an empowered person can truly be productive, responsible and progressive. Empowerment is not only about power gained within oneself. It also means understanding your own energies, the energy flux that is the Universe, and to fine tune yourself, to always be in harmony with the flux. Not esoteric at all, this is the most sensible, practical and useful way to becoming empowered.

Here we share question-answers, thoughts and reflections. Feel free to write in to us with a question or your thoughts.

A question to Gurudev from a seeker on death

Q: Why do beautiful people die young. So many times I`ve seen and witnessed that this man/woman was so good, but he/she died so young. A friend’s father was a real gem, so good to everybody around him but he died so young. He just spread love to everyone around him. My other cousin`s boyfriend was really good to her. He was caring, soft spoken, good looking and a thorough gentleman, he was the so called perfect man and treated her well. Everybody loved him, why did he die? I am feeling so bad for my cousin as this is the second time it has happened to her. To find that kind of love and to lose it twice. It makes me sad and my heart goes out to her. Please tell me why good people die so young? and how can I help her? I really don’t know how to comfort a person who has lost a loved one. What does one say? And yes are they happy? Thank you.

A: It is a complicated matter of choice and karmic debts to be paid. We all have eternal souls. And we have past lifetimes as well.. In those lifetimes, we made certain choices which lead to certain results. That becomes our baggage for this lifetime, to be cleared if we so wish to. In certain cases, people, or rather souls choose to clear up their positive baggage … because in their next lifetime they probably want to go in for a major clearance of negative debts, and learn new lessons for growth. Between two such difficult lifetimes, souls usually opt for a simple, joyous, positive and comfortable lifetime. And of course the length of the lifetime is also determined by the soul coming in. Of course there are choices you will make in this lifetime, which may or may not change that length of time to some extent. It is a lot of flux and flexibility that you do get. Do you know why? Because you have absolute free will over all your choices, in this lifetime, or in deciding this lifetime before you took birth. Of course, when you leave from here, you are merely going back home. No? Therefore, the question of not being happy does not arise, does it now?

Tap into words we use

The Karmic Research Centre has, through its various tools and methods of research, into life, energy systems and healing practices, redefined several terms and concepts that we use loosely, without understanding them.

We want to look closely at all our conditioning, at all our definitions and at all our understanding, and redefine them all, so that we start afresh, with responsibility, of what we say, do and believe in. Because the terms and concepts we use, release energies that should be loving and in harmony with the Universe. And therefore, it is important to know the way we are using them, and do it with awareness.

Flexibility : The ability to move in harmony with the flux of the Universe.

Flux : The inter play of the energies of each and every living being of the Universe.

Free Will : The most powerful and potent tool that human beings have, to make choices.

Gratitude : Greater Attitude

Harmony : Being in synchronized movement with energies of the Universe, and therefore of other people as well.

Integrity : The Grit to follow one`s Intent.

Love : Lots Of Violet Energy – with the power to transform, mould, empower. Love is the Energy of the Universe – the most potent force. It transforms, heals, creates. Love is God’s Energy. Fill yourself with love Energy and let all your fears, insecurities, pain and hurt dissolve into it. Empower yourself with the Love Energy to feel one with God and the Universe.

Respect : To act in response to.

Responsibility : Response – ability. The ability to respond to people, energies and situations.

Worry : Wastage Of Ready Resources for You

Karmic Clearance : Over a lifetime, through the numerous interactions, exchanges and relationships that we experience, our Soul accumulates karmic debts, attachments and fears. Many times we carry this baggage with us from past lives. These baggages need to be cleared for the growth of the Soul to take place.

Handing over : Handing over is a concept which is age old. Everyone who has ever prayed earnestly to the divine knows this. But to do so consciously is what being divine grace is all about. If you know the proper method of handing over your entire life and actions to the divine, then you are not only in total harmony with the universe but you also become totally harmonious within. And also you then are in a position to become free of any further accumulation of karmic baggage – the concept of nishkama karma as mentioned in the Geeta. This is what we want you to be able to do not only when you are in a crisis and have no other option but also when you are happy and perfectly in control of your life as in both cases you are finally responsible for your own actions. However, by handing over you give the control to the divine you also make sure that the whole universe works for you. That is true oneness with God.

Co-creation : If you have important meetings which you are worried about or there are situations you are apprehensive about, why don’t you tune into the energies of the universe and give your intent of how you would like it to happen. Then hand over the entire situation to God to create it for you. Then when it happens it is actually your own co-creation in the best possible manner done with Love Energy and God’s grace all working for you.