We at the Karmic Research Centre, know for a fact, that meditations can be great stress relievers. But then, we don’t stop there. We use meditation as a tool to get into the state of relaxed alertness, where we become more alert, more aware, and more capable of doing work on ourselves. Meditations for us are not only feel-good exercises. They are also not time slots for us. Meditations are a tool for fine tuning our Energy System with the Energy flux of the Universe. And then, we believe, in the meditative state, as the normal state of being, so that we always are and always work in harmony with the Universe, and therefore with ourselves and others.

Over the years we have shared meditations with innumerable light workers, energy workers, fellow travellers, creators and students of life – all age groups, and from all walks of life.

What is Meditation?

Meditation connects our hearts with the divine.

When the divine light flows into our lives, it lights up, brightens every part of or being, like a lamp in a darkened room, be it the body, mind or soul, relationships, career or home. And above all, it makes us aware of the fact that we ourselves are Love and Light- We are Divine.


Relax and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, simply.

Keep your spine free, your rib cage erect, your body muscles relaxed and your mind quiet.

Let any thoughts that come to you pass. Do not stop any thought. Don’t try to do anything. Just be.

After the meditation is over, do not allow the peace, relaxation and joy to dissipate. Keep it alive as it is through the day and gradually make it your second nature. That is successful meditation.


Do not worry if you don’t see anything or see something different from what the guiding voice is saying.

Meditate daily- even if it is for five minutes.

KRC Guided Meditations: Violet Gold Room

During the lockdown of 2020, we podcast guided meditations every day – sometimes twice a day!

From releasing anxiety to celebrating the dance of life, these meditations are accessible to all.

Click on the link and enter your Violet Gold Room.

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Sadhana – Exalted Experiences in Meditation

Ten guided meditations first released as a beautiful set of ten cassettes in 2001. The meditations are in Hindi and English. Available now as a set of ten beautifully designed CDs, and as audio files.

Excellent tools for bringing about change – in you as a person and in your environment.

A range of topics is available: from a meditation for General Well-Being, to one for Forgiveness and Karmic Clearance, from Healing of the Soul to Aura Balancing with Colours, from Connecting with Other People, to Becoming One with the Universe.

Meditation for General Well Being

This meditation is specially designed for beginners and is an excellent tool to start your day. What better way to do that than feeling one with God?

When you fill yourself with God’s love and light you can use the same energy in every part of your life and work. Everything you intent to do will happen with God’s love energy flowing through you.

Send this love and light to others and witness how everything around you transforms.

In this way, begin to live a life of greater awareness – full of love and light. Experience it in every moment of your life.

But a word of caution, be aware in what you co create – it should not infringe the well being of your fellow beings. And in turn not affect their freewill. Happiness and general well-being is what we all seek in our lives and when we realise that we are the co-creator of our own destiny we take full responsibility for all our actions, good or bad.

Sample Audio 1
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Exalted Experiences in Violet Gold

A Collection of thirty excellent meditations channelled from ascended Masters of the Universe in book form, to have with you at all times. This book is available at the Centre.

Kabir – the Voice of Love

The couplets of Kabir have been handed down through the generations with interpretations. The interpretations have been accepted some times, modified at others.

Today, when we read the same couplets that we have grown up with, they somehow carry more depth – the depth that our life experiences bring with them. The interpretations therefore get deeper or lighter, but definitely more meaningful when they are tempered with experience.

To us, Kabir is an energy that flows through time and space, and enriches wherever it flows. We have allowed this energy to now flow through us and express itself as it wants to. The style of rendering the couplets is not traditional because we have not imposed any conditions on the free flow of the energy of Kabir. Which is why this rendering is very special to us, because it is truly for us the Voice of Kabir – the Voice of Love.

Sample audio
Sample audio 2

Cosmic Dance of Creation

Creation started with the creation of sound.

The vibrations thus created made it possible for the creation of the elements. Then the Universe had to respond by the creation of the various inhabitants of the Universe.

The CD presents to you the sampler of how creation began.

In the first track, the call for creation and the creation of elements, In the second, the handing over of creation for inhabitants, The third track – the harmony of creation and habitation.

CD available at the Centre. Contact us if you would like a copy. Here, we have track one for your meditation pleasure.