Flexibility to me is to be in tune and rhythm always. Changing one’s steps, modifying to changes. Being in step with life.

— Gurudev

Vision & Concepts

Karmic Research Centre is a forum of people who are interested in working on themselves, to make themselves better human beings. Progressive in outlook, not afraid to do work on your self, open to new and innovative ideas for self growth.


We at the Karmic Research Centre, know for a fact, that meditations can be great stress relievers. But then, we don't stop there. We use meditation as a tool to get into the state of relaxed alertness, where we become more alert, more aware, and more capable of doing work on ourselves. Meditations for us are not only feel good exercises. They are also not time slots for us. Meditations are a tool for fine tuning our Energy System with the Energy flux of the Universe.

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